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The WearinOS App, in conjunction with Wearin wearable devices, enables scientific motion monitoring and health management, and provides accurate data and rich interactive experiences. We will carefully record your every step and every drop of sweat, and care more about your every heartbeat and every sleep.

WearinOS New interaction & new experience

Sports and Fitness

Accurate exercise recording and data analysis, recording the daily amount of exercise, calories burned, and the pleasure of burning fat make it no longer difficult to persist in exercise, accompanying you with every step of exercise. Monitor users' heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, take care of your heart and make life full of vitality, and be your personal assistant.

Six major sports modes for precise recording

Accurately recorded data on six exercise modes, including running, walking, cycling, and free exercise. Open the application to view the complete data for each action. The daily, weekly, monthly, and annual exercise status is clear at a glance. It can also set goals based on its own situation and motivate itself to actively complete them.

Night sleep monitoring, precise analysis

You can record sleep information every night, conduct in-depth analysis of sleep status, such as deep sleep, mild sleep, and rapid eye movement, and generate your own sleep report for you to view daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sleep status, reminding you to adjust your sleep habits in a timely manner.

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Multi channel heart rate sensor, capable of monitoring heart rate 24 hours a day According to testing, with the upgrading of hardware and software algorithms, even in high-intensity sports such as running and cycling It can also perform precise monitoring at high speeds. Automatically save data from the past 1 days and continuously track heart rate to help improve health.

Rejuvenated WearinOS

Exercise, sleep, and blood pressure can help you develop healthy habits by setting daily goals.

Card Layout

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Health Reminder

Alarm clock, drinking water, sedentary, sleep reminder

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